How to wrap the perfect present

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Place the box on the wrapping paper. Measure so it's even on both sides of the box.

Cut the wrapping paper at the desired width. Make sure it's even on each side for the best result.

Once cut, fold the side closest to you up. Tape the wrapping paper halfway down the box.

Once the wrapping paper is in place and taped, roll the box away from you until you run out of wrapping paper.

Tape the other end of the wrapping paper down.

On the sides of the gift, fold the wrapping paper down. Tape it to secure it in place.

Once the wrapping paper is folded down, crease the edges on each side.

Once the edges are creased, fold them inwards. Tape the edges down to secure them in place.

Fold the bottom flap up. Tape the wrapping paper down to secure it in place.

Repeat steps 6-9 on the opposite side of the gift.

Finalize the gift by adding a bow and name tag anywhere you desire.

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