How to make a handy helpers: diy animal key holders

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Look for animals that have antlers, tusks or extended arms. Choose a wooden plaque with an area slightly larger than the plastic toy.

In a well-ventilated area and over a protective covering, apply thin and even coats of spray paint onto the plastic toy and wooden plaque. Allow each layer to dry before applying the next.

Note: We chose gray for the base so the golden-colored moose would stand out. Use any colors you like, keeping in mind that lighter, brighter shades will contrast when paired with more muted tones.

Apply a small dot of super glue to the feet of the moose, using less than you think, to avoid spillover.

Position and hold the moose down on the plaque, applying light pressure for 30 seconds while the glue adheres.

Scour your home for keys, sunglasses and the other accessories that tend to get lost, and introduce them to your new little friend, who will happily help keep them in one place.

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