How to make a wooden sword

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First you grab a piece of wood that would be light enough so you can carry it with one hand and thin enough so you don't spend 2 hours sawing through it

Then add a mark from a pencil to see where you will cut mark it to about the length you want the piece of wood

Cut piece of wood

After cutting the piece of wood to the length you like add a point the the piece like so

Drawn point

Now cut along the lines of the triangle so you get something like this

Cut out point

After you cut out the point draw out a handle

Drawn out handle

Then cut out the shape of the handle you drew

Cutting out the handle

Fully cut out handle

Sword after handle and point cut out

Next you grab your file and start smoothening the edges of the sword

Filing the handle so its more smooth

Filing the edge of the sword

Finished handle

Finished handle

Filed point

Filed point

If you want you can sand the sword to make it smoother and look better

Finished Sword after sanding

Finished sword without sanding

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