How to make a purse from a square tag pocket album

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Cut 1 piece of chipboard 6" x 3 1/2" and round two corners then cut 1 piece of chipboard 6" x 1"

Cut 1 piece of cardstock 6" x 1 1/2" and score at 1/2"

To connect the two pieces of chipboard we are going to use 1 piece of cardstock 6"x1" scored at 1/2" ..

To connect the 2 pieces of chipboard to the album we are going to glue the 6" x 1 1/2" piece of cardstock scored at 1/2" the 1/2" will go to the black chipboard and the 1" side goes to the album side.

this is how the interior of the album look... make sure you left enough space to bend the top cover.

Add the magnets at this point of the project..

Then we are going to add the G45 Washi Tape to all the sides!!

All the sides means all the sides!!! When you add the washi tape to the top cover round the corners with your scissors.

Paint the gears in Grey color and we are going to Stamp it! I used the Graphic 45 Color Box Ink.. It is fabulous!!!!

This is how they look after I stamped with the Andy Skinner Stamp and the G45 Color Box Ink.

Once I add Washi Tape to all the sides I cover the interior with the Well Traveled paper and with double sided tape add the Black Ribbon.

To give more detail.. I use one gear on each side of the ribbon to use it as a handle.

To the other side I just tie a knot :)

More Washi Tape! I love it!!

Crossroads and Global Odyssey Paper is the one I used for the front of the purse.. also on each circle of the washi tape I'm going to add one metal stud.

Detail of the metal stud..

Add some stamps from the Well Traveled page to the handle with double sided tape and a little glue.

Decorate the Top Cover with the gears.. More Stamps from the Well Traveled page some stickers and Decorative Chipboards.

Now you have finished the Kraft - Square Tag & Pocket Album.. Transformed into a beautiful purse and ready to add your favorite pictures!! I hope you like the tutorial!! XOXO Magda Cortez

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