How to make a mothers day card

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To start, we are going to create our flowers. You will need to cut out a 3x6 piece of paper.

Then fold that paper in half so it becomes a 3x3 square.

Next trace your flower (I used Tiny Accents 2T) onto your square, but make sure the top of the flower is touching the fold crease.

Like you see in this picture.

Then you are going to cut it out, but don't cut the top part of the flower.

So that it stays attached like this, allowing you to flip up and add a little note.

Repeat for as many flowers as you would like on your card.

Next you can create a flower pot for your flowers. and add them all to a card.

Simple, and cute! Plus a great way to let someone know how much you love them and why.

Add a little personal note under each flower.

You can get a copy of the printable here:

Here is another fun interactive card I made using the Designer Templates. This one is simple as well.

Basically just cut two Tiny Florals and layer them on top of each other. Just add adhesive to the middle of the flower, and write little notes behind each petal.

Play your way to creativity!

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