How to make a pop-up card for the album "sweet sentiments"

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Base- white cardstok. Size 6*12 inches. Score at 5; 10; 10 1/8; 10 1/4.

Select scrapbook paper for accordion . Size 6 x 10 inches - 2 pieces

score and fold in half

Fold along the diagonal can be done by hand and a ruler , but you can with the help of the board for scoring

Bends inside

folded blank score at 2 , 3 , 4, 5 inches and preferably from both sides. For clarity, I will duplicate all the folds on white paper

bend accordion

Once all the folds made ​​, you need to unscrew the accordion . It should look like

Now glue , to the bottom of first workpiece ...

... Then the upper

Domestic scrap paper . Size 4 1/2 * 9 1/2 inch score and fold in half. It may need to cut the corner

Craft knife cut flowers ( not completely )

prepare decor

... And decorate

that our little girl was standing , I use film . I do a little cube and stick it on both sides of the corner.

that's an element of pop up you should get .

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