How to make mole in the alto shaam cook & hold

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6.0c Chicken stock, 225.0g Butter, 150.0g sweet onion, diced, 75.0g Peanuts, shelled, 50.0g Dark chocolate, 50.0g Tomato paste, 4.0 Cinnamon sticks, 20.0g Pumpkin seed, 20.0g Garlic, 17.0g Salt, 15.0g Ancho chili, dried, seeds removed, 15.0g Pasilla chili, dried, seeds removed, 15.0g Mulato chili, dried, seeds removed, 15.0g Guajillo chili, dried, seeds removed, 15.0g Chipotle meco chili, dried, seeds removed, 15.0g Chipotle morita chili, dried, seeds removed, 10.0g Sesame seeds, 5.0g Cumin, 4.5g Fresh oregano, 2.5g Caraway, 2.5g Fresh thyme, 1.8g Mace, 0.5g Clove

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