How to make pumpkin soup and side dishes

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1 bunch of Asparagus

1 Butternut pumpkin

Optional: Left over broccoli stem

Garlic cloves

Ginger slices

1 onion

Half lemon

Roughly chopped.

Mix everything together

19 turns of salt

Some curry leaves

210 degrees. Roughly 10 mins then 150 degrees for another 10 mins until edible soft.

Tomato for salad.

Add half a lemon

Some coriander

Add a few pinches of salt just before serving. Add some red chilli powder.

This is for salad. Some broccoli and put in ice water after cooked.

Boil water. Add 1/4 lemon. 2 tea spoon salt. Dip broccoli for 10 seconds.

Add asparagus to same water for 1 min 30 seconds. Make sure its a little undercooked.

With last step.

Add in ice water.

Same water - leave a little and drain the rest.

Check on the pumpkin. Its soft and done.

Boil for a few mins

Add 2 pinch of salt to the water

Gas level

All in the pan.

Little bit of lemon

Little bit of olive oil

Add some jeera. (Cumin seeds)

Add some water

Add some milk

Optional: Make dosa as something to eat with the soup. Use the dosa mix.

Options: Papadams

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