How to prepare yummy and healthy snacks

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There are a couple of these guides on Snapguide: Swedish chocolate balls.

Matilda's guide shows the original recipe while this guide is a healthy version on the same theme.

In a food processor add unsalted cashew nuts and walnuts.

Then add dates.

Mix. Depending on what type of food processor you have it may take a while. Mine wanted to jump off the counter. I added 1/3 tablespoon of water.

Move the nuts and dates' mix to a bowl.

Add (gluten free) oatmeal.

Add shredded coconut.

Add cocoa powder, preferably organic.

Add coffee.

To simplify the next few steps either ask someone else to take the following photos or wear thin plastic gloves

Make a dough.

Roll in preferred sizes.

Roll in shredded coconut. If you don't like coconut try roasted sesame seeds instead.

When done keep refridgerated..

..and then dig in! They well last a week in the fridge but I doubt you'll have any left that long!

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