How to roast porchetta in an alto-shaam cook & hold oven

Skore fat

Chop onions and garlic

Sauté onions, garlic, chilies and capers. Chill

Season belly

Pick herbs leaving whole

Lay out herbs and pesto

Spread mix on belly

Roll tightly

Tie belly

Preheat to 250F (121C).

Adjust door vents to 1/2 open

Roast in the shaam at 250F (121C) to 130F (54C) and hold at 150F (61C) for 4 - 10 hrs.

Crisp fat in a combi oven at 425F (218C).

Slice to order

Watch the video: How to make mouthwatering BBQ pork using an Alto-Shaam Cook u0026 Hold Smoker Oven

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