How to create decorative paper clip embellishments

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Gather up these tools and supplies as well as your glues and foam square adhesives.

Apply a large foam square (adhesive) to the front of the paper clip on the top edge. Peel off the paper backing and attach your button onto the foam square.

Select a pretty decorative embellishment such as a rhinestone or butterfly or flower and use glue to attach it to the center of the button to hide to button holes.

Turn the paper clip over. Since the foam square is sticky, you will need to cover it. Use your 3/4" circle punch and punch out a circle of paper from card stock or designer patterned paper.

To make sure the paper circle stays on the back of your paper clip, glue it on with clear drying glue such as Glossy Accents or a white quick drying glue.

Once dry, your decorative paper clip is ready to put in your project to hold tags, photo mats, etc. m

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