How to make a seattle seahawks sparkle ornament

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Take one of your glass ornaments out.

Twist and pull off the top part of it.

Cut about a foot length piece of each color of tinsel garland.

Now you are ready to stuff your ornament.

Take the ends of both strands and begin feeding them through the top of the ornament.

Keep feeding it through until it's too difficult to fit much more in.

Take some scissors and cut the excess off.

Now stuff the remaining bit into the top.

Fit the top back onto the ornament.

Pinch the sides all around so it is secure.

Get your ribbon cut, around a foot in length.

Feed the ribbon through the loop on the top of the ornament.

Make sure the ribbon is an even length on both sides.

Twist the ribbon into a knot.

Start tying a bow on the ornament like this.

Wrap around the ribbon...

And pull the other loop out so it looks like a bow.

There. It's done :)

I must admit that I am now addicted to this craft project and have made enough to give out to all my co-workers 😁

Isn't is beautiful on our tree? Everyone can be a 12th man! Go Hawks!

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