How to cook porridge with spiced apple #healthyeating

Start by taking around 50g of porridge which is about two small handfuls or half of this glass. Add this to a pan (or a bowl if you prefer to use the microwave)

And add double the amount of water or non dairy milk. I don't like the taste of non dairy milk when it's been boiled so I don't add any until the end.

There are plenty of non dairy milks to chose from but almond milks health benefits seem to outweigh others. Pick carefully as many are loaded with sugar/corn syrup. This is unsweetened from Waitrose

I also add about half a tablespoon of bran which you can buy from health food shops and is a great source of fibre. This is optional.

Then place the pan on a medium low heat and simmer for about 5 mins, stirring occasionally. If you prefer you can put the porridge in the microwave. This will take around 2 mins on full power.

While the porridge is cooking. Take the core from a quartered apple and dice

Finely chop a couple of dates

Add a squeeze of lemon and your choice of ground spices. About half a teaspoon in total. I used cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. Either cook it separately in pan or micro or in with the porridge.

Even with just water the porridge will go fairly creamy. I then add my non dairy milk. Just enough to get the texture you like.

I then top with the cooked apple mixture and add a little non dairy milk around the edge. Tasty!

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