How to craft a sparkly fall pumpkin

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These are the supplies you will need to make a sparkly pumpkin. You can find mini pumpkins right here at Ben Franklin Crafts or at a farmer's market.

Start by squeezing glitter glue onto your pumpkin. You can use a little or a lot.

Use the tip of the bottle to spread the glitter glue around. This can help you cover up any spots on your pumpkin, too. Try not to let it get too thick.

Sprinkle glitter around the top of your pumpkin. You can use more than one color if you like. it's helpful to have a piece of scrap paper under your pumpkin to catch the extra glitter.

Gently tap the pumpkin on your work surface to get the extra glitter off. You can use your scrap paper to pour the extra glitter back into its' container for a different project.

If you would like to add another color of glitter, repeat steps four through six again.

And more squiggles of glitter glue on top of your pumpkin to hold the sequins and confetti.

When your pumpkin is as sparkly as you like, set it aside to dry for several hours.

Use these fun little pumpkins for a sparkly Halloween decoration. Later, you can use a permanent marker to personalize the pumpkin as a place holder for your Thanksgiving table.

We hope you enjoy making these sparkly little fall pumpkins. Watch for another seasonal craft coming next week!



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