How to make really cute rainboots planter

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Best find is a cute pair of rainboots on the cheap at a thrift shop. These are too small for me to use as boots but perfect for using as planters...they are waterproof, and usually have a lining.

Its wise to provide some drainage holes so your plants don't drown..I use a sharp pointed knife to poke holes where the tops meet the soles, esp. near the toe where water can drain. Or drill holes.

These are small children boots that tuck into garden nooks but provide a place for annual colors. Some have handles which makes it easy to move them around. I only paid 3-4 dollars per pair..

A couple of old golf balls in the toes saves soil and helps keep the boots upright. Using a good quality potting soil means you will get prettier and stronger plants. Always pre-soak your soil.

Pick 1-3 plants to gently nudge into boot top and importantly, fill in spaces around the plants (if you don't water will just go down the edges and not water the plant). I pick colors that coordinate.

I also like to choose flower colors that match or compliment the boot colors, in this case pink and white. A pony pack (6 plants) is too many plants for a pr of boots but single plants are too large.

I like to mix plants, but also choose colors to compliment the area I am going to set them in, for example these are near a large Santa Barbara Daisy bush and our pond..

Mixing a tallish plant with a trailing one (here I used trailing lobelia) makes a more balanced look. Pick plants that have the same water,sun, shade requirements. These boots have handles!

I like to use annuals for these, as perennials need more space this way I can change plants and have color all year. You could also go with succulents or maidenhair ferns.

Cute, with or without a kitten!

Tips: These flowers will go in a sunny area, pick plants for the amount of sun/shade you have. Any old boots or backpacks also can be planted. Have fun with it!

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