How to make a henna tattoo

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Gather ingredients and start off with desired amount of henna powder in a container or bowl.

Add enough drops of lemon juice to powder and mix constantly.

Add a scented oil of your choose to your mixture.

Add 2 teaspoons of sugar to the mixture.

Stir for about 5 minutes.

Wrap the mixture with the plastic wrap. Let it sit in room temperature for at least 1 hour. Use within 24 hours.

Pour into a bottle or plastic ziplock bag for application.

Clean the part of your skin where your henna will be applied.

Plan out what you want to draw and apply!

Let the henna paste dry and harden. Keep on as long as possible for best results.

For the first 3 hours, apply any kind of oil (except for baby oil) with a cotton ball. Do this every 30 minutes. Vegetable oil is preferred.

Remove hard paste with cotton ball and vegetable oil. The color will darken after the first 24 hours and become a dark brown.

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