How to Bake Bacon-Brown Sugar Scones

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My daughter called this morning, she needed TLC. So I gathered the troops for her favourite treat bacon-brown sugar scones

Turn oven on at 400f Cut smoked bacon thinly, or buy already sliced.

Brown sugar for the bacon

Sprinkle bacon with brown sugar and pepper

Bake for 15-20 min. Keep an eye on the bacon after 15 min. You want it Krispy not burned

I use cloth to wrap bacon before putting it in the fridge

I also pack my cheese in cloth

Combine all dry ingredients in mixing bowl.


Add cubed butter

By now the bacon is done. Don't use your fingers.

Cool bacon

Lovely goo.

Scrape goo together

Pour into yoghurt egg mix

Rub the butter into the flour

Stirr yoghurt egg bacon goo together. Yes Im using the measuring spoon to stirr with

Add fluids to dry

Use your hand to combine dough, don't over work dough, you don't want gluten to form , you want the scones to be crumbly, not chewy


Snip snip




Roll and cut


Put back on baking tray, reuse the baking paper used for the bacon.


I only baked half of the portion. You can at this point freeze the dough in scones shape, take out in the evening, put in fridge over night, bake in the morning.




Rest of dough going to my daughter, with coffee for me, and a jar of marmalade as a side treat.






Are we going to have some? Meno



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