How to Make Ginger Garlic Chili Paste

Our ingredients

This is the basic distribution. I prefer to make double or sometimes triple this quantity as I use it often an it stays for abt 2 weeks. To giv even flavour, add 2 chilies for every 3 units.

Abt the quantity of water to use. Start small as u don't want it to be runny.

Blend well and make sure no lumps of garlic remain.

Should look like this. Generally is more green Bt tht depends on the colour of your chili.

Transfer to a jar. As I said, I make a large quantity so this is my paste jar with a small plastic spoon. Just open, use and put back!

The chiles I used are the Indian variety, so if u dont mind a bit of spice in the food use the same quantity, or else can reduce the amount. But for just this quantity I recommend following exactly.

Watch the video: Sambal Recipe. Garlic Chili Paste. How to make a garlic chili hot sauce

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