How to HOT Every Day Makeup ;)

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Take an eyeshadow primer & prime your lids. I just de-potted it.

Prime your whole lid. I usually prime my brows too because I fill them in

Take a neutral color. This is sidecar from the naked palette. I use this by itself because it's gorgeous by itself

Apply up to your crease. Remember, you can build your color. Start out light

Take your favorite highlight color. I like virgin & sin. One is matte & the other is a frosty pink almost. But I love them together

Also highlight your inner corner to open up your beautiful ojos!

Add your favorite creamy eyeliner to your waterline & tight line your upper lid (add eyeliner to your top lid)

Curl those lashes!

Layer that mascara! Top & bottom!

Done done done. I've been loving the cat eye liner, but that's optional!

I hope you enjoyed! This has been my everyday look for months. It's quick & easy & people always seem to think I took forever to do it hah! Good luck!

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