How to Bake Sandwich Style Wheat Bread Like a Champ

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It's time for a class photo!! Here's your ingredients.

Start with the bread flour in a bowl. You can use any bowl your little heart desires, I promise it will all work out in the end.

I know you were thinking "This jerk told me this was wheat bread".... Well I did say that, and it's what it is! Add the wheat flour.............ok do it now!

Sugar gets to join the fun too

Every recipe in the world has salt... This one is no different. Put it in or I'm sure something bad has to happen.

Powdered milk...You could use regular liquid milk too but it will screw up the amount of flour you need (you'll need more). If you think you're all cool and everything I'll let you figure out how much

Use instant yeast.... It works better and faster for this one... Active dry would work but it's slower and I don't have all night, Wheel of Fortune is on and I can't miss it.

Mix the dry ingredients for a little bit just so they blend together.

Add the shortening. Regular butter works as well.... But melt it before you put it in.

Honey! I recommend taking it from a bottle and not an active bee hive. The latter is difficult and much more painful

Slowly add the water while mixing. Notice the while mixing. Here I'll say it again, slowly add the water while mixing. Got it? Good.

Spread some flour on the counter to prep for kneading. If you don't mind the mess you can toss it up and pretend its snowing.

Start kneading the dough. I still have to make a guide on this. You need to knead the dough for 10 minutes because kneading is what dough needs to rise properly and you need to knead it right. Do it.

Spray a bowl with cooking spray and place the dough inside. Cover the bowl with a damp cloth

Dough should rise for 2 hours and look like this. About double the size.

While making karate chop sounds gently punch the dough to release air. Admit it, you feel better after punching something

Press the dough out to be about as wide as your pan is long. The smiley face is not required but strongly recommended.

Rolling is very important! Tightly roll up the dough. If you skip this your dough will get huge air bubbles

Spray your pan with cooking spray, put the dough in and spray the top... Just a little bit. With all this spraying I don't want you to go crazy now

Let it rise for 89 minutes..... Ok 90 works too. After it rises with a slight edge, pop it in the oven @350on the center rack. Should be in for 35-45 min. Use your best judgment


Amazing. If they gave academy awards for this'd get one. Let it cool for at least 60 min or it will not set inside.

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